If you’ve read all of the generic copy pasta BookInfo blog posts, here are ten tips about Istio that might assist you in your pursuit of a doctorate in Istio and Envoy Proxy.

How we ended up picking Istio

ArgoCD, Config Connector and Kustomize! (image by Alexa Griffith)

Bluecore Engineering is growing at a frenetic pace — we are scaling our personalization platform to support the ingestion of hundreds of millions of events and emails. To meet this demand, our engineers are creating several containerized microservices on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), surgically removing them from our App Engine monolith. …


You’re a budding new startup that’s joining the technology scene in 2020 (or frankly, in the last 5 years) and you’re architecting your CI pipeline. You’re looking to move fast, and you want to go with what’s familiar. You work with someone that’s a Bash ninja, a Makefile enthusiast, and connoisseur of Groovy so Jenkins seems like the logical choice, but I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are ten reasons DevOps engineers pitching Jenkins provide themselves with job security and don’t want you to know there are better solutions to your problems. Don’t…

Istio Service Mesh

At Namely we’ve been running with Istio for a year now. Yes, that’s pretty much when it first came out. We had a major performance regression with a Kubernetes cluster, we wanted distributed tracing, and used Istio to bootstrap Jaeger to investigate. We immediately saw the potential of a service mesh as it relates to our infrastructure and decided to make an investment in the tool.

It hasn’t always been the smoothest ride, but we have learned a ton about how it works and how to operate it. This post — the start of series — hopes to explain how…

Namely is growing rapidly: we have dozens of engineers pushing out new features across a variety of services every week. We recently rolled out Spinnaker to help our engineers reliably deliver code with zero impact to our customers. We were previously using a set of simple bash scripts powered by Jenkins and needed a better solution for visibility, rollbacks, and configuration for services running on Kubernetes. Spinnaker creates a powerful abstraction for engineers to easily understand which code is running in which environment and seamlessly move code between environments.

Migrating to Spinnaker was no small endeavor. We needed to ensure…

Shray Kumar

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